Yamaha U1G piano - $1,000 (Honolulu)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Yamaha
model name / number: U1G
size / dimensions: Approx. 60" wide x 24" deep
Beautiful glossy black Yamaha upright piano. See this description below:

The Yamaha U1G is an upright piano crafted by Yamaha, a renowned manufacturer of musical instruments. Let’s delve into the details:
1. Design and Craftsmanship:
o The U1G is part of Yamaha’s U Series of upright pianos, which are meticulously designed for experienced pianists and professional musicians.
o These pianos are made in Japan and are known for their outstanding tone, touch, and durability.
o The U1G features a solid spruce soundboard and ribs, carefully selected at Yamaha’s Kitami Mill in Hokkaido, Japan. This results in a richer, resonant voice and a balanced timbre across the entire keyboard.
2. Key Specifications:
o Height: Approximately 48 inches (122 cm).
o Weight: 503 lbs (228 kg).
o Soundboard Material: Spruce.
o Frame: V-Pro Vacuum Shield Mold Process.
o Key Material: Seasoned spruce.
o Fallboard: Soft-close with a fallboard lock.
o Pedal: Soft/Mute/Damper.
o Caster: Single-wheeled.
3. Tonal Characteristics:
o The U1G is known for its rich, warm tone and a medium touch.
o While tone can vary between individual pianos, the U1G is generally considered one of the best modern uprights ever made.
4. Availability:
o Although less common than the U1H model, the U1G offers an even richer sound.
o It is extensively used by top musicians due to its exceptional quality.
In summary, the Yamaha U1G upright piano combines craftsmanship, performance, and a warm tonal character, making it a favorite choice for discerning pianists worldwide. 🎹🎶

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