Bonsai Granite PolyStone miniature Pagoda and Lantern statues (Tiburon)

Bonsai Granite PolyStone miniature Pagoda and Lantern statues 1 thumbnailBonsai Granite PolyStone miniature Pagoda and Lantern statues 2 thumbnail
condition: new
make / manufacturer: Made in China
model name / number: Bonsai Granite PolyStone statues

*Granite PolyStone miniature statues are detailed scale copies of traditional Asian garden Lanterns and Pagodas.

*Granite PolyStone miniature statues are made of genuine granite stone powder and resin by an injection mold casting process and are non-toxic.

*Granite is a very dense, durable and hard natural stone that will last a lifetime ... and many times be passed on...for many generations to come.

*These beautiful scale miniature structures can be used to add depth to Aquariums, complement Bonsai arrangements, or simply use them as an accent within the Asian garden greenery ... a unique and beautiful addition to any fine aquarium display or garden landscape setting.

For sale on eBay at: https://www.ebay.com/usr/jakes36

For sale on Etsy at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RisingSunPagodas

For more information send email to: pagodas (at) sonic.net

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