Apartment Cleaner Needed (Lahaina, Napili, Maui)

offered in person

It's May, 2024 and I'm ready to start paying someone to clean. I thought I already had someone...; but it's Maui and people change their minds all the time. I live in Napili, 9 miles above the Lahaina disaster and that means that it's got to
be a 'workable job' distance wise; for you to get here. It would be silly to sit on a bus for an hour and a half each way, to do a two hour job.
Do you have your own transportation?
Still, for what it's worth; I'm two blocks from the Napili Market bus stop.

I am looking for someone (a single someone, as teams have been disappointing in the past) to do what I'm calling "light cleaning" (I believe that is the correct terminology). I'm not looking for someone to do fine "detailing," but simply to get the place cleaner.
As I've gotten older; it seems I'm just not keeping up as well.

So, what I'm looking for is someone to come by every couple weeks (or three) and clean both bathrooms, then
vacuum the carpets, and vacuum and/or 'Swifter' the entry way and the kitchen floor.
Regarding the kitchen area; I am not looking for you to ever clean anything but the flooring in the kitchen nor do I
ever expect you to clean up after Hapa, (My cat). I periodically get a truck mounted carpet cleaner to do the carpets.

The fact is, that doing this basic program will probably not take two hours, but we shall see. If you get through with
the basic program early, there's always a tabletop or some other project that will get you up to two hours. I'm
going to start by paying whomever at $25.00 per hour. And if it seems that you can get the work done, and we seem
to be on the same page...; then inside of a month, I'll start paying @ $35.00 per hour. (If it turns out that you've got
experience; then I'll start paying you $35.00 an hour from the beginning)

It's a pretty simple list and if you think you might be able to fill the position; then do respond to this add. Before
you respond, though, you'll need to get some information together. For my own security and safety; I'll need your
full legal name and one or two places you've worked (with contacts name and numbers.) I've had nothing but bad
experiences with "Professional Cleaning Companies" and I'm looking for an independent agent for this job.

Check it out when you're ready; I check my e-mail often.
(It's crazy how people will say they want the job but then just no show for no reason.)

Thanks, Steven)

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