Learn How to Macro Propagate Pineapples for Fun and Profit! (Wailua Homesteads)

*I Teach How to Macro Propagate Pineapples

Aloha Pineapple Growers of All Sizes!

Would you like to learn how to macro propagate pineapple crowns and create your own pineapple slips and crown starts? I can teach you how! You don't have to wait for your pineapples to fruit and create plant material to propagate with. I can show you how to create pineapple slips and crown starts year-round using various techniques I teach. There are many ways to macro propagate pineapples. I teach what experienced pineapple growers have learned from growing pineapples and being in the field with them. Academia does not teach these skills. Someone with an ag degree will not have these skills because academia does not teach them!

I offer personalized consults to pineapple growers of all sizes discussing soils, fertilizing stages, micro propagation of cloned pineapple crowns and stalks, slips, ratoons, keikis and inducing pineapples to flower organically and non-organically. Learn how to identify the best genetics and how to keep them! I share what I've learned, my experiments and we have Q and A throughout the entire process. I've grown white pineapples on Kauai 9 years; they typically weigh 5 to 7+ lbs when harvested. With this knowledge, you'll have pineapples year-round.

* You'll learn how to clone pineapple crowns to make "crown" starts, which produce fruit faster than keikis removed from the mother plant. Crowns and cloned crown starts produce fruit in 20-22 months. Slips and ratoons are the fastest at 18-20 months. Keikis are the slowest to produce, 22-24+ months. I teach the fastest way to get slips and ratoons after fruiting, which is a real game changer most pineapple growers are unaware of.

* Forcing pineapples to fruit is a "trade secret" commercial growers don't share. Pineapple growers globally share "bits and pieces" of their knowledge but not the actual techniques and dosages so I experimented to determine the exact amount to force them to flower. Now I share what I've learned and the product. I teach how to induce pineapples to flower organically and non-organically. Learn the trade secrets to growing large pineapples and you'll have fruit year-round.

* This knowledge is a game changer for pineapple growers whether you have a few pineapples or 500+ pineapples. With this knowledge, you will be able to have pineapples fruiting "consistently" year-round.

Note: "Potential" pineapple growers become discouraged due to misinformation about pineapples; it does Not take 2.5+ years to grow pineapples! If you know how to force a pineapple plant to flower, you can force it as young as a year old if it's large enough and healthy enough. Once you know how to force them to flower, you decide which plants you want to treat and at what size. I force them at 1-1.5 yrs and I also let some get larger because large plants produce large fruit.

*The largest plants produce the largest fruit when they're 2+ years. A 1 year old plant can grow a 5+ lb pineapple; larger plants give 6+ lb pineapples. There's been a lot of "misinformation" perpetuated to intentionally discourage ppl from growing pineapples. I want to Encourage you if you're interested in learning - you'll be glad you did b/c on Kauai 9 months out of the year they're out of season. Growing your own guarantees you'll have white pineapples year-round!

Contact me to discuss your needs, desired appt day/time, pricing and barter options

If you're not on Kauai, we can Skype

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