Free Pineapple Growing Class for Ages 18-30 (Wailua Homesteads)

Free Pineapple Growing Class for Ages 18-30

On Sunday, December 17th, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. in Wailua Homesteads, I'm offering a 2+ hour Pineapple Growing Class for Locals Ages 18-30.

I'll be teaching the "trade secrets" Not Taught in academia. Whether you want to grow for fun or income, this class will set you up for success growing pineapples.

I teach macro propagation of pineapples. You can even propagate pineapples from a pineapple that's had its top cut off!

You'll learn how to clone pineapple crowns to create "crown" starts to propagate pineapple fields. Pineapples can be forced to flower organically and non-organically; you'll learn both. How to identify the best genetics and how to keep them! I share what I've learned, my experiments and we have Q and A throughout the entire process. I've grown white pineapples on Kauai 9 years; they typically weigh 5 to 7+ lbs when harvested. I have pineapples year-round.

* Forcing pineapples to flower/fruit is a "trade secret" commercial growers don't share. I learned from pineapple growers globally who shared their knowledge but not the actual techniques and dosages so I've experimented to determine the exact processes to make them flower. I now share what I've learned and I teach how to induce pineapples to flower organically and non-organically.

Please Note:

Many "potential" pineapple growers become discouraged due to misinformation about pineapples; it does Not take 2.5+ years to grow a pineapple! When you know how to force a pineapple plant to flower, you can force it as young as a year old if it's large and healthy! When you can force them to flower, you decide which plants you want to treat and at what size. I force many at 1-1.5 yrs but I also let them get larger. *The largest plants produce the largest fruit when they're 2+ years. A pineapple plant that's 1 year old will give you a 5+ lb pineapple; larger plants give 6+ lb pineapples.

*There's been a lot of misinformation to "intentionally" discourage locals from growing pineapples that has been perpetuated by growers who don't want competition! I want to Encourage you if you're interested in learning how to grow them - you'll be glad you did because, on Kauai, 9 months out of the year they're out of season. Growing your own guarantees you'll have white pineapples!

If you're interested in growing pineapples for fun or as a source of income, sign up for this Free Class to get started!

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