Robotic Mower Business for Sale - $7,780 (Lihue)

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Selling my small business, GOFR Smart Mowing. This company is Hawaii’s only provider of robotic mower sales, installations, and repairs. The majority of our customer base is here on Kauai, followed by Big Island, Oahu, and then Maui.

No, this is not a scam; yes, this technology is real, and yes, it works incredibly well. To see this technology in action, check out my or Husqvarna’s YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/@smartmowing?si=b8wLoBdifaT1Y3Jd.

“Say goodbye to traditional lawn care with Smart Mowing®, the innovative robotic lawn mower solution from GOFR. Compared to traditional mowing methods, Smart Mowing is safer, healthier for your grass, much quieter, better for the planet, and makes your grass thicker and greener. Smart Mowing is truly a cut above! It’s the lawn care of the future, today.”

Though widely utilized across Europe for over a decade, where millions of units are currently in operation, Smart Mowers are just now gaining popularity in the United States. Applications include residential lawns, public parks and spaces, luxury estates, golf courses, sports facilities, hospitality facilities, HOAs, and other commercial grass areas. GOFR Smart Mowing currently holds the exclusive market presence as the sole robotic mower dealer in Hawaii, establishing a default monopoly in this emerging industry across the entire state.

Though this business has been my passion project for the past five years, I'm selling because I’m pursuing a different career path and have gotten too busy to give this venture the attention it deserves.

What this business sale will include:

• $2,071.99 value - 1 new Husqvarna CL-400 installation machine (on Kauai)
• $500.00 value - 1 used Husqvarna CL-400 installation machine (on Kauai) Has issues but runs. This one is basically a back-up or can be used for parts.
• $350.00 value - 1 used Powerwinch 600MH installation machine currently on the Big Island. Can be shipped back for about $100.
• $3,500.00 value - several loaner "courtesy" Smart Mowers (so that clients’ lawns can remain mowed when there are parts shipping delays to repairing their units)
• Several archived Smart Mowers that can be used for parts
• A CRM with information on 825+ residential/commercial client and lead contacts with thorough notes
• A Google business listing with 34 five-star reviews
• A TikTok account with 41.5k followers and 313k likes
• A Facebook business page with 600 followers, and 12 five-star reviews
• A LinkedIn business page with 295 followers
• Yelp pages for each main island
• A Youtube channel
• Ownership of an international community Discord server with 250+ members
• Branding, notes, spreadsheets, etc.
• Detailed and thorough service records on every mower we’ve worked on.
• Various tools, displays, and nic-nacs

We are authorized dealers of both Husqvarna and Ambrogio (the top manufacturers in the robotic mowing industry) and established manufacturing contacts that have allowed me to produce my own line of installation supplies. My current product inventory is not included in this business sale, but I would be happy to sell these products at wholesale prices to the new owner (hopefully you, person reading this).

The numbers:

• Net profit on the sales of the robotic mowers range from $99 - $1,243. I'd put my average margin last year at $500 per robotic mower sale. I currently put in zero effort towards sales, and I still sell a mower about every 4-6 weeks.
• Though customers may elect to self-perform the perimeter wire installation for their new smart mowers, they usually hire us. We estimate and charge for these jobs based on an $80/hr labor rate that includes drive time. If the installation is on a different island, the client covers travel and lodging costs. For installation repairs, we charge a minimum of $250/visit.
• For robotic mower repairs and servicing, my shop rates are $150/hr, adhering to the manufacturer’s established labor rate chart. Since I'm a dealer, if the unit is within warranty, Husqvarna or Ambrogio will be the one to pay for parts and labor.

Please reach out by PM or call/text at show contact info with questions, comments, or concerns.

Topher Inman

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