$1350 / 1br - 400ft2 - “Next” Tenant Wanted Soon for Studio with “Revolving Door” (Kalihiwai Ridge)

Kamookoa near Kahiliholo

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1BR / 1Ba 400ft2

cats are OK - purrr
laundry on site

This rental was advertised as a private studio, but it’s really a room built into a corner of a very large carport full of junk from the “Hanalei Transfer Station” (dump) that the “caretaker” hoards from daily visits to hunt for “treasures” and scrap metal. A tremendous amount of “junk creep” spills over from the carport onto the side of the studio. The caretaker refuses to remove the junk, preventing you from making use of the areas under the windows and preventing you from keeping the caretaker away from the windows.

The ad failed to mention that the caretaker works in the carport and makes a lot of noise with hammers and power tools. He won’t seem to care how loud he is and for how long until it becomes such a nuisance that you’ll have to tell him to stop. He will “agree” to stop while you are around, but subsequently you’ll be forced to “remind” him again repeatedly. You’ll likely be left wondering if he EVER “pounds” when you’re NOT there, as apparently he feels compelled to pound only when he’s under pressure from you not to.

The caretaker is not the owner/landlord who is responsible for upholding the landlord-tenant code. The caretaker doesn’t seem to know or care what that code requires. Accordingly, the caretaker treats the tenant more like a “roommate” rather than as a tenant with the right of possession and “quiet enjoyment” under the code.

You’ll also hear loud screaming/shouting coming through the ceiling from upstairs, and you can also expect to overhear your name mentioned. You may want to invest in some blinds because you’ll need them.

The fact that the shared clothes washer is located outside directly beneath the shower window of the studio is but one indicator of the “privacy deficit” you can expect, as was experienced by the former tenants, especially those of the “fairer gender.” (Sorry, but CL does not permit the use of most “gender-specific” nouns.) The caretaker himself may reveal to you that this recurring “complaint,” about him no less, was from previous “lady” tenants.

If the caretaker and his wife happen to like you, then they may stop showing up at your door unannounced and calling you, but only if you tell them that such behavior is forcing you to need to move out. The first time you tell them this, you should leave for three days to give them some time to think about it, but a reprieve likely will last only for about six months. Then everything will be “back to normal.” You’ll be expected to have (lengthy) conversations in passing in the carport unless you explicitly call for a “time out.”

You undoubtedly will discover but only after you move in that this is really not a workable “long term” rental. The caretaker knows this, but he won’t tell you that upfront. He doesn’t want it to work for you if that’s going to restrict him in any way. That’s why he treats this rental as having a “revolving door.” As long as he collects an uninterrupted rent check, he doesn’t really care who lives in the studio or for how long. And yes, you will be “reminded” that the rent is due on the first of the month (just in case you “forgot”), even if that’s on a weekend.

One of the neighbors who lives along the same private road may advise you that the studio is an “illegal” dwelling. Evidently, only he is allowed to have an ADU (additional dwelling unit) according to the CC&Rs (covenants, conveyances, and restrictions) of this CPR (condominium property regime) “hui.”

While the studio is not a detached dwelling, but rather part of the house, it may not be illegal. You may be curious about this, but it won’t really matter anyway. For all that the neighbor knows, you could be a “houseguest” of the owner. Your personal living arrangement is none of the neighbor’s business and, as such, shouldn’t be disclosed to him.

The studio and house are located on a very beautiful estate. Unfortunately, this rental comes with a “price” that exceeds the rent, and again you’ll find that out only after you move in. If you won’t mind having your privacy invaded and your personal space disrespected and encroached upon, loud noises, and having to hear loud screaming, yelling, and clomping, then you should feel right at home.

It’s a shame that this rental is so woefully managed when it really should be the jewel of an opportunity that, no doubt, the owner envisioned for this magnificent estate. The owner—who’s like the super cool dude in the “Dos Equis” commercials—will show up once in a while, but he doesn’t know what really goes on, and you won’t feel like “whining” to him about it when he’s been very gracious to you and tight with the caretaker.

The caretaker and his wife are nice, “well intentioned” people, but that’s not what’s at issue. Conversely, though, to make any tenant a recipient of repeated abuse, even if done unwittingly and unintentionally, and an unwilling witness to “dysfunctional family drama,” is a most unwelcome addition, indeed a “dealbreaker,” to this studio rental.
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