Mature, Single Female skg Private Room $300/month or Work Trade (Hilo)

I need an affordable place to live this year. Do you have a live/work space that can work for me?

A. What I Need
1. Kind Live/Work Space
(a) I have an untreated back injury and I am applying for disability and transitioning to retirement this year. Physical labour is no longer a part of my life. The practical effect of this is that I need an affordable private live/work space that is preferably indoors and kind to my body. I can comfortably afford $300/month OR a work trade. I believe I will stay for approximately a year, from 9/2024 to 12/2025. I am experienced with camping and could be comfortable with a small cabin, large tenting, yurt or other tenting solution that is warm and does not require that I bend or stretch to access or occupy the tenting space.

(b) Consistent Power and Internet Access
My life tasks this year require consistent contact with the mainland, so there must be consistent internet access and good mobile phone reception at the location.

(c) Kind Work Schedule
If you need work exchange tasks, just tell me what you need. I will tell you how I can help. I can perform all work tasks Sunday to Thursday. I must have Friday/Saturday to myself. I have volunteer experience with mild housekeeping, cooking and food prep. I am a writer, tech/creative person with wide range experience. I can help with practically any web, ecommerce, social media, writing effort you would need, including printed advertisements, flyers, communicating with customers, donors, etc. Message me to learn more about me on LinkedIn.

(d) Diet
I am a Jew of Colour. I am Kosher Vegan. I keep Jewish Sabbath Friday/Saturday. I am 50 years old. My usual diet consists of almonds, almond milk, rice cakes, peanut butter, fresh fruit, beans and of course potato chips.

B. Personality and Practices
1. My daily meditative practice is austerity and solitude inspired by Jewish, Torah based Judaism and Tibetan Buddhism aka Middleway practice. I have been influenced by Zen Buddhism by way of the training of some of my teachers whose practices I have kept for many years, including all day sitting and regenerative silence.

2. I have a bachelor's degree in Philosophy with concentrated study in computer science and professional ethics. I have also studied some amount of German and Arabic. I have a foundation in Spanish and Hebrew. I am a singer, a writer, a creative person. I am usually meditating and writing. I am usually quiet.

Message me if you believe you have a live/work space for me.


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