$2,700,000 / 1ft2 - 270 acres of untouched land, $2,700,000, terms possible. (Keaau)

The 270 acre parcel had been intended to be a part of the Fern Forest Vacation Estates (FFVE) subdivision when it was being created and it received the same A-3 zoning as the rest of the parcels that participated, however the owners of this parcel did not trust businessmen in fancy clothes with attache bags to ever do anything good for "the people" and they refused to sell to the developers.
The property was checked for historical remains at the same time as the rest of FFVE and found to have never had any residences or sites; it was a place that people walked through, but did not stop at. The Old Volcano Trail forms one boundary for this property and provides access (if cleared of brush, etc.) all along that side into the parcel, which is very rare for large properties to have.
There are also two deeded easements to the property directed from the highway at two different locations, one at the southern end of the property which is paved and open, and the other to the middle of the property through State land.
The TMK is and it is large enough to be seen on any map of the County of Hawaii.
There is a perfect balance of rain and sun for off-grid living, but there are power lines available on all four sides of the property; another benefit that is very rare to have in any property much less a very large one.
The surrounding FFVE community all use catchment for water and have abundant supply. Many use solar panels and I received three bids to develop large solar arrays on the property because it has enough sun shine to make that profitable and has the added advantage of having the main power transmission line running a long the property's highway side---that is very rare for solar arrays; they often need to cross many public lots by right of domain to transmit the power generated to the grid; here, that is completely unnecessary---this has many advantages.
The soil is 100% free of farming chemicals, unlike much of the island. No cancer risks here.
Since the property is surrounded on three sides by a single row of three acres lots of the FFVE subdivision, the purchase of any of those lots would create an additional entrance into the property from a paved road.
Buy it for a huge private estate or for a subdivision (smallest lots would be 3 acres under the current zoning---very rare in any property over 100 acres), perhaps of like-minded folks who want to have a small village of agreeable neighbors, perhaps from some group---Hawaiians??? (I'd love for a group of culturally aware native Hawaiians to buy this land and develop a culturally supportive community, perhaps speaking Hawaiian language. Hawaii can be affordable! Come back!)
Finally, but it to develop all or part of it as support services and entertainments for the 2,500,000 visitors a year that come to the Volcano National Park, whose entrance is just some 7 miles away. Currently, there is almost nothing for these millions of tourists to do anywhere near the park, making it both harder to enjoy, especially with a family with young children, and encouraging visitors to make their experience of the extensive park only a drive and hike of a few hours, facing a long drive back to the west side of the island where most of them stay. The possibilities are endless.

Terms are possible depending on the buyer's intentions, etc.

I've owned other subdivisions here, but this is the jewel in my crown. I'm too old to develop and the money will fuel the work of my nonprofit dog training corporation so we can train more local people and dogs to have a better life together, etc.

If you are a buyer, contact me (easthawaiidogpsychologycenterATyahoo.com).
If you might know a buyer or can find one, you can earn a full 5% finder's fee on the deal.
For example, anyone looking to have a safe place for the future generations of their family or group will not find a more secure and sustainable place than Hawaii. From Preppers to Climate Evacuees to mega-churches and large temples, etc., MANY people worry about security. To be in Hawaii and to control your own subdivision/community is the best location and the best situation. We have every climate type and guaranteed pure rain (until the volcano wears down and the clouds stop hitting it) ---the else on Earth do you have either, much less both together? It is very rare indeed.

Carl Oguss

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