$599,000 / 1500ft2 - 5 acre "off grid" farm (Naalehu)

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On this 5 acre property you see nothing but panoramic ocean views, beautiful trees,  grass, and animals.  It's a "park like" setting that offers complete privacy. No cars driving by and only one neighbor in site.  Though the property is only 5 acres it feels like you own 10,000. 

This property is very unique.  It's true agricultural land with dark rich soil throughout the entire 5 acres and beyond.

1. This property is fully fenced with brand new top of the the line cattle fencing and fence posts.  Over 2,500 feet of fencing.  No pigs getting in here.

2.  Popane hot water heater. Extremely affordable endless hot water showers. Hot water never runs out. 

3.  Every square foot of this property has rich soil.  Never need to buy dirt.  Just plant vegetables and fruit trees directly into the ground and that's it. Watch everything grow. 

4.  This climate zone here is perfect for growing fruits and vegetables.  Tradewinds keep all the insects away. We have very little to zero mosquitos and zero fruit flies.   The produce stays unharmed by insects and mold infestations providing some of the best fruits,  vegetables and coffee on the island. 

5. Here you can actually "live off the land".  Most places are either to wet, dry, cold, or hot to live off the land 24/7/365.  Here is just perfect.  You get just enough rain the grass stays green. You get more than enough sun to grow food and power solar panels all year round.  Can also use windmills as a backup or to capture even more energy.  If there was ever a catastrophic situation you could live here and survive because here in Ka'u it doesn't have winters and it doesn't get below 66° and doesn't get above 82°. 

6. Hunting and fishing directly from our surroundings.  This property is fenced so you can have animals here on the property but you can also hunt wild animals from the thousands of acres that surround this property.   You never go hungry living here.

7. Our neighbors are wonderful beautiful people.   Loving caring neighbors are what you get when you live here.   This property is surrounded by wonderful neighbors in all directions.  Everyone here has big parcels of land.  Enjoy the privacy but great to know neighbors are right there if you need anything. 

8.  Unobstructed forever ocean views.  Nobody can ever move in front of this property and block your views. 

9.  This property has 15 avocado trees. (Sharwil, OTA, Kahalu'u, Malama, Yamagata).
12 mango trees (Glen, Haden, R2E2 king Hawaiian).
10 orange trees. (Washington Navel, cara cara, Valencia, Lane Late Navel, blood orange).
Dragon fruit and pineapple.   The avocado, mango and oranges are different varieties. Each variety will bloom different times of the year to ensure to get blooming all throughout the year meaning avocados,  oranges and mango all year.  This property is set up for future generations.

10.  Grow directly in the ground lettuce,  tomatoes,  cucumbers,  cabbage,  cantaloupe,  corn, green beans, watermelon,  squash,  and almost anything else you can think of.  Produce and certain things that won't grow elsewhere usually grow great here.

11.  This is a private gated neighborhood agricultural land community.  There's only 6 properties. All individually owned.  All FEE SIMPLE.  All deemed agricultural land from the state.  A true privilege to own one of these.  NOT a leasehold. You own it completely forever.

12.  This land has been plowed and graded.  It's almost perfect for anything. Private parties, start a church, chapel, wellness center, rentals, board animals, fruit, vegetables, coffee.  There's enough space for multiple families.  Possibilities are endless. Use your imagination. 

13. 25,000 gallon water tank in installed for the farm. 

14. We will be including everything in the sale including propane hot water and generator.  Freezer and refrigerator.  Grill and dishwasher.  This property is fully livable while you take if from where we left off.

15. From this property you can see the sun rise up out of the ocean horizon in the morning from one side of the property and also get to see the sun set on the other side of the property in the evening.

16. You can count on the stars and moon shine all night on most nights. Amazing. As the moon sets the sun rises behind it. Very fun to see.

17. This property is only 5 minutes from Discovery Harbor Golf Course. Playable 18 hole course with beautiful ocean views.

18. Nobody EVER can just "park in your driveway and come knocking on your door ".  It's double gated and two long driveways until you get to the actual house. This is a type of lifestyle. It's very relaxing to be here. Little to zero disturbances. Quiet day and night. Once you live this type of lifestyle it's sometimes difficult to transition back to the crowded neighborhood lifestyle.  Owning private land can be amazing. 

19.  Lots of ranching and farming goes on down here in Ka'u.  Wonderful people and great community to be apart of.  Privately owned HUGE parcels of land are located down here.  Massive coffee farms, Macadamia nut, orange tree farms and more. Many successful people own land here because the weather is second to none for cattle. The grass doesn't get over wet down here leading to the best quality beef. Cows don't want to constantly eat wet grass.  Cattle and coffee are very popular on Southpoint rd. 

20. THE MOST absolutely life changing situation regarding this property is the fact that you receive "little-zero" bills in the mail each month.  You figure out how to transition from to "off grid living" you can actually live mostly the rest of your entire lifetime without any more bills coming in the mail each month.  Very relaxing feeling. With solar for electricity and catchment for water this property remains completely independent.  It's like cutting the cord for cable TV.  When those bills stop coming in the mail it makes it all worth it.  Living here you have
*NO TRASH BILL. Haul your own trash free to dump.
*NO WATER BILL. Catch rain water for dishwasher and shower and you get free drinking water here from the local transfer station as long as you're willing to haul it. 
*NO ELECTRICITY BILL. Solar panels and simple lithium battery. Beyond that one small honda "back up" generator is more than enough to live here.
The only mandatory bills that come to this property is annual land fees.  Everything else is done by choice.  We have internet,  cell phones, propane, insurance. 
Once you make the changes it's very rewarding and uplifting. 

Property has 3 "unfinished" unpermitted structures. Has to be a cash mostly deal. This deal will be done %100 with our local real estate agent and title agency. If you are interested in the property and would like to know more call me anytime. 

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