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Article: Tribune-Herald
Thursday, May 25, 2006 8:53 AM HST
The cat's meow

Sharon Coggeshall, owner of Madame's CatHouse near Volcano, plays with one of her tenants. - Photos By Karen Welsh/Tribune-Herald
New boarding house purrrrfect for felines
by Karen Welsh
Tribune-Herald Staff Writer
Call it decadent.
Say it's sweet.
Complete with a chandelier and red lights, it's probably the best little cathouse in Hawaii, created and built by owner Sharon Coggeshall to care for both kittens and cats while their parents are away on vacation.
Coggeshall, a retired pet groomer, opened Madame's CatHouse near Volcano a few months ago to offer a high-end alternative for the furry four-legged creatures to call their second home.
"I just love animals," she said. "I wanted to do something to stay connected to them."
The cat's domain, complete with fine paintings, Italian ceramic tile, a couch and areas of carpet, is clean and odor-free.
Once the cats are acclimated to the environment, they are allowed to freely roam the 16-by-20-foot home.
"They are not kenneled here," Coggeshall said. "They run loose."
The space is filled with huge cat "condo trees," stimulating cat toys and a variety of soft nooks and crannies where feline guests can, catnap.
They even have their own "home theater" system, where a television endlessly shows birds feeding and fluttering.
"It's fun to watch them watch the television," Coggeshall said. "Sometimes they jump at the screen."
Coggeshall lives next door and visits the cathouse at least eight times a day, always taking time to feed her guests treats and brush their fur.
"This is a five-star establishment," she said. "They go home more spoiled then when they get here."
The cost is $14 per day for one cat, $12 per day for a second cat and $10 a day for each cat thereafter. Coggeshall will also pick up and deliver anywhere on the island for an extra fee.
Each cat needs to have its shots up-to-date, be on monthly flea and tick medication, and have been tested for feline AIDS and leukemia. All males must be neutered. Coggeshall double-checks with the cat's veterinarian before taking in the boarder.
When she's not with the cats, Coggeshall can listen in via a baby monitor. She has also made the cathouse extra secure, including an entryway with interior and exterior doors -- a precaution in case a cat slips through the first one.
Most of all, the "Madame" of this establishment knows how to take the best care of her clients, and they respond to her in kind.
"The most important thing is to speak cat and I know what they are saying to me," Coggeshall said. "I speak to animals. I really do. My gosh, the cat parents can't leave their baby with just anybody."
For more information on Madame's CatHouse, call Coggeshall at 968-6611 or visit the Web site at http://www.madamescathouse.com (Website no longer avaliable).
Karen Welsh can be reached at 935-6622, ext. 281
Madame's CatHouse
Owner/Operator: Sharon Coggeshall
Call: 968-6611 *Please note: call for currents rates*

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