"Conscious" rock band seeking members (Pahoa)

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The band Nagdeo is looking for new band mates. Our music can be described as progressive, shamanic, folk-rock. Go to www.nagdeo.org to listen to snippets of our recorded music. We play original, consciousness raising songs (and some covers) and are looking for people who really connect with our message and want to have fun putting it out into the world in a dedicated manner. Our primary goal is to inspire and empower people to live their fullest potential in a sustainable manner, while creating beautiful music both in recorded albums and live.

There are currently 3 people fully involved in Nagdeo -- a rhythm guitarist/singer-songwriter (who also plays lead guitar when needed in the studio), a bass player, and a drummer. All of also sing.

We are looking for a lead guitarist, female vocalist, and a keyboard player to round out the band.

While having musical talent is certainly necessary, finding players who resonate with us as people and with the messages in our music is more important that actual musicianship. It's a lot easier to increase musicianship, but not as easy to increase resonance if it's not there!

We released our first album in late 2013, entitled Living The Dream(s), and our 2nd album, The Pan Piper, in 2017. And our 3rd album, Pray Yang For Yintegrity in early 2022. All our music is available through www.nagdeo.org We also have the first two albums on Spotify or other streaming services. We've well into the process of completing our 4th album, Liberating Love.

We've had several incarnations of Nagdeo over the last 12 years, and mostly folks have moved off island and that ended the collaboration. The three of us are dedicated to each other and Nagdeo and really want more folks to join us and create something significant!

Let me know if you're interested in considering joining the band.



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