Extremely Rare Norwegian Glass Float - $300 (Hilo Area)

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Although most people are familiar with Japanese glass balls that once washed upon our shores and were replaced by environmentally damaging plastics floats; most people are not aware that floats were also made elsewhere in places like Britain, Germany and even in America.

Some historical citations from different sources:

The very first glass fishing floats were made in 1842 by a Norwegian glass company, Hadeland Glassverk, based on the idea of a Norwegian merchant from Bergen named Christopher Faye.

He understood the need for saving equipment like fishing nets, which were commonly lost at sea.
A combination of cork and bottles were tested and produced by Biri Glassworks.

Faye continued with his work, eventually introducing his idea of a rounded shape. On June 22, 1843, Christopher Berg at Christiania Glasmagasin in the capital (now Oslo) answered the first letter from Faye.

Biri was about to merge with Hadeland Glassworks, and the floats were produced, first the egg-shaped ones, and later, the round ones.

They were called “glasskavl” (glass float), “kafli” being the old Norse word for the floats that were attached to nets or lines by fishermen on skrei-fishing (gadus morhua) in places like Lofoten…

Although I’m not certain of the age, the 3” float with groves being offered here is extremely rare even in Norway and would make a great addition to your collection.

It came from a net in a remote village owned by an older fisherman and I’m fortunate to own two of them.


Only serious collectors with finances or above please.

No other trades/barters will be considered.

Mahalo (thanks).

If this post is still up, then it’s still available.

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