2013 Toyota Land Cruiser - 17,409 miles - $59,000 (Waimea)

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2013 toyota land cruiser

condition: excellent
cryptocurrency ok
cylinders: 8 cylinders
drive: 4wd
fuel: gas
odometer: 17409
paint color: silver
size: full-size
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: SUV

Please read this description in its entirety before contacting me with questions. I wrote as much detail as I could so you can make an informed decision if this is the right vehicle for you.

Unicorn! I don't take the term lightly, as this is an extremely rare find. Current mileage is 17,409. That's not a typo - seventeen thousand, four hundred and nine miles. 100% stock and unmolested. I think the only aftermarket things on this rig are the all-terrain tires (which have plenty of life remaining) and door edge guards installed by the prior owner. This Land Cruiser was a courtesy vehicle at the Four Seasons on the island of Lānaʻi, thus extremely low miles. I purchased it last year from a local Ford dealership thinking I would turn it into my dream rig, but decided it is WAY to nice to modify. This is as new a Land Cruiser with a V8 as you're likely to find on the market anywhere.

The Four Seasons performed scheduled maintenance. I kept their PM sticker on the door as something of a souvenir. The Ford dealership took the rig to a local Toyota dealership for service at 12,103 miles while it was in their inventory. Hawaii safety inspection was done in May (15,783 miles), and I decided to get the oil changed as well as the brake pads, rotors and brake fluid replaced while it was at the shop. Title is free and clear - I own it outright with no liens. Interior looks and smells new. Exterior is a 9/10 - could use a good detail. Prior owner backed up into what looks like a rock wall and dinged up the rear bumper a little - just some surface scratches. Since I planned to build it out - especially an aftermarket bumper carrier system - I didn't really care about this. I did apply some touch-up paint so it wouldn't be obvious, and from 8 feet away, you'd hardly notice it. With an aftermarket bumper, you'd be cutting away at most of factory bumper cover, so wasn't a big deal to me.

There is not much beyond some minor cosmetic changes that separate this from the 2021 Land Cruiser, which was the end of the line for the V8 and the last year the Land Cruisers was sold in the USA. I'm among those who think the earlier 200 Series Land Cruisers look better than the newer ones. There's talk of a new Land Cruiser returning to the USA, but it won't be anything like this classic.

I believe I priced this appropriately. A quick, nationwide look at carfax.com shows a 2014 with 47k miles at $58,998 and a 2014 with 74k miles at $59,995. If I was a collector with $99,500 burning a hole in my pocket, I might spring for a 2021 Land Cruiser with a slightly lower mileage. But, if you are looking for an almost-new driver, this is the one.

It's been on some gravel roads and on our pasture in Waimea a few times (1st photo). Other than that, I see no signs of major off-roading by the Four Seasons - I think it was just a fancy shuttle from the airport to the resort. I've only put ethanol-free gas in it since I took possession of the truck. I took a screenshot of the Carfax summary page, but the full report shows the LC being purchased in 2012 out of California and then titled on Lānaʻi where it remained until 2021. VIN number shown on the Carfax summary page should you want to do your own due diligence. I can provide a copy of my Carfax to serious buyers.

What do I love about this truck? It's like driving a bank vault down the road, and I feel like I can go just about anywhere on the island. It's got almost all of the modern gadgets you'd expect on a luxury vehicle today and some I haven't seen in any other vehicle like a dial to raise and lower the headlight beam angle, presumably to compensate for a trailer. With the appropriate tires, I think this thing could get to places most lifted trucks could not, all while surrounded in Lexus quality fit and finish. That's not an exaggeration. We currently own a new Lexus, and I sold an LX470 recently - the 200 series Land Cruiser interior is easily as nice as a Lexus with maybe a little less bling.

What don't I like about this truck? Well, gas mileage is an obvious one, but I'm averaging around 18 m.p.g. so, it's not as bad as one might expect, but I drive it like a granny (no offense to grannies - if you are a granny, you'd look awesome in this rig!). Would be nice if it had blind spot alerts, but the visibility out of the cabin is amazing, so I've never felt there was a problem with blind spots. There's no Apple Car Play, but the factory stereo includes a USB input, and it recognizes my iPhone as an iPod, so I don't have a problem listening to podcasts and audio books. There is a company that makes a module that runs inline with the factory touch screen, giving you full Apple Car Play functionality. If I were to keep the Land Cruiser, I'd very likely install that.

Why am I selling it? As mentioned earlier, I was planning to build it out for work and play, but it's just too nice. You know you've got a problem when you need to switch to "driving shoes" so you don't track dirt into the truck and you refuse to let the kids eat in the car. 😂😂😂😂 Rather than test my OCD keeping this truck clean, I figure it's better to find someone who wants to enjoy it in a way that I'm just incapable of.

There's not really much more I can say about this LC - it's practically brand new in "normal car" terms, but the Land Cruiser is not a normal car. These things were built to a higher standard, and the cost of doing so may be why sales volumes were limited. Pretty much any review of the Land Cruiser you can find will say much the same. So, under 20k miles for a Land Cruiser is practically brand new.

I think this truck was MADE for the Big Island - super lux on the highway and ready to go off the beaten path at a moment's notice. But, if you are not lucky enough to live here, I would be happy to meet you at the airport for a test drive and assist with getting it to Kawaihae harbor to ship it off island. That said, I'm incredibly busy, so proof of funds required to set up a viewing. A video walk-around can be found at https://youtu.be/j4S6Htf5rW4

Hopefully, this loooooooong description and photos and video make clear what I'm offering up to the Land Cruiser appreciators out there.
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