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wut did dey doo wit dem old plates bvawssss pic

1 Day Left - Bull Shit (Magic Island)

Re: re;MPD - 30 - 2 (cane field girlz)

i can't believe gerald cervantes got clamps for the gym ?????????????? (?????????????????????????????) pic

yo j-tizzle sweet new gym but is there a new crazy old new jersey rapi (st with a golf hat old man ?????????????) pic

We're Proud to Represent 97% of Fagotteers here on Hawaii's Rant & Rave! pic

2 re;MPD - 30 2 (cane field girlz)

30 MPD 30

99 Working here 99 (Maui)


"Gurlz! Its Saturday Date Nite!" pic

re: 'gurlz!' its... pic

Hey Smokers! (Maui)

get a load of this... (the big C) pic

re,re: working here (The Rock)

69 () Reply:Defend Hawaii 69 (Club Evergreen) pic

our proud hawaiians pic

61 Big rave for JohnnyCabHI 61 (Oahu)

55 So many haole phags, pedophiles, rapists and homeless 55 pic

123 My Weekly Post 123 (little smokey)

re: Defend Hawaii? Why? pic

46 "Defend Hawaii" 46 (Oahu)

If I could save dookie in a bottle....

re: re working here - 29 (kihei) (professionals needed on da mainland -now)

29 re working here 29 (kihei)

re: Mahalo for your support/Chow re-signed to coach pic

Ladies have a great day! pic

re: 1 Day Left pic

Why is rent getting so high? (hilo)

32 worst date ever 32 (hilo side)

Need more of this on Hawaii's RnR (instead of crazies)

Sach N Save SUCKS. They STOLE MY MONEY and won't return it. (Go to MAINLAND CHAIN STORES only!!!!!)

Confronting the colonists (Hawaii...)

re: Why he Jacked Off? pic

25 You'd Rather JACK OFF!? 25 (This must be Hell.)

RIOTERS in ferguson, NY, LA, etc.... (dummies...) pic

I'd like to see local adrenaline junkies attempt something like this (all around tantarrans)

2 re; Lets Fire Arakawa (Maui) 2 (mauisanto) pic

the most interesting man in the world (no not the dos equis man) pic


MAU License Plate Losers (Maui)

I caught a Turdle

MHS Lost A Friend pic

"Mahalo for your support i've been Signed to Coach Next Year Again!" ((Thank YOU Hawaii Fans!)) pic

Maui is the worst place to work-Reply

2 senate torture report 2 (haikusanto) pic

UH's Ben Jay Bailing, lol! With Chow giving him an ulcer & pic

re: Maui is the WORST place I have ever worked!!!! - 45 (Maui)

45 Maui is the WORST place I have ever worked!!!! 45 (Maui)

29 need to eat pussy badly...lol 29 (monoa UH)


Just imagine if we fast forward from 1902 to 2014 how much less harsh pic

Re. RE. RE. RE. ....Stupid you are....

Catboi, theres still time yet before u take your colored candies ((fantasy Rambo)) pic

i worked at chevron u werked at dumb fuck land pussy town quim piocopa (sssss) pic

When micheal realized his butt pump rectal crunches were working (he shared with a buddy)

re: 'Question R & R'

Question R & R-does anyone know the history of that pic that Catboi pic

hi my nemmma jate i insurt hamsterssss many in my rectal pic

jt is gonna dress as katniss and juilus as peeta mellark and they see (the movie) pic

jt got raped when she is college ... ... ... by a woman pic

Re: A Rave to the fellowship of water men & women

Catboi, this is your father Turdboi pic

JT + Vann posters

re: i believe u love Dr. Demento's recommended p. therapy too much ((catboi/kaneohe)) pic

re: Vann (Kekela Makai)

Catboi, Dr. Demento says its time so be a good little boy & take your pic

Catboi is a good little honky

turtle bay annex my old home half brother idk (drinking water from the ice bucket) pic

beer should be illegal unless ur cop/judge/executioner on duty (post made by julee) pic

the one thing i ever wanted in life was acceptance from julius pic

30 7 idiots Ponokiwila St. 30 (Aiea)

Catboi, this is julius and i say... pic

re: regarding jamie at whole foods pic

i gotta get an ere-SHUN pic

that was so intense i thought someone was going to get their pubes pul (led out) pic

julius morphed from cari she was an israeli shape shifter dooky bothwa (ys good spy) pic

mumblingi wish thare's a way to maek money while keeping someone else (from making money mumble mumble) pic

hey jt he's still allowed to be around me ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h (a ah ah ah) pic

re: sucking in makaha (makaha)

MMJ Thieves And Rip Off Artists Found!! (4930 Hauaala Rd.)

62 Hotel Room with Jacuzzi Hot Tub 62 (Oahu)

sucking in makaha (makaha)

2 re; When did the usa become so ignorant and white 2 (slimeysanto) pic

HPD: culture of petty fines pic

Bike lane, do it on Beretania also. They r too wide for town/

When did the usa become so ignorant and white

re: Rave not a Rant 1/263 WTF! Aloha! ( Big Island of Hawaii)

stupid idiot lic #LAD 905 (maui)

Raves - keep them coming! (Kahului)

30 Harley bimetallic 30 (Kapahulu)

Hawaii Rant & Rave Gurlz its "Saturday Date Nite!" ((Dec. 6, 2014!)) pic

re: Bike Lane King St Stupid!! (Honolulu)

Re: spamland dummy

Re: Spamland dummy

58 re: Rave not a Rant 1/263 WTF! Aloha 58 (puklanai)

re:: is thare going to be a special viewing of transformers 7 for jul (ius and jt to yell at the screen ???????) pic

RE. RE. RE. ....Stupid you are....

Rave not a Rant 1/263 WTF! Aloha! (Hawaii)

re: re: re Caretaker EPIDEMIC HERE... (Maui)

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