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Julius who? We love Gays like yourself Catboi pic

julius shows up to his wife's abortion in a WWE pro-wrestling shirt an (balloons) pic

so u think that it's like a huge deal for some kids to voluntarily wit (ness unknowing adults having sex on the) pic


dog owner, walkers (Honolulu)

Lunch wagons, vans that don't move (OAHU)

Please be considerate by parking your vehicle correctly/safely (at a driveway, stop sign, fire hydrant)

no, much more like this pic

amy has 15 pieces of flare lol pic

here's cari giving julius a hand job pic

no, sex on beach good! pic

pictures funny aha ha ha ha pic

re: My Weekly Post pic

Re: Beach sex

151 My Weekly Post 151 (off island)

8 My Hero! 8 (little boy's room) pic

re: one last post - re: empty shelves... - 99 (Maui)

Verizon store at Kapiolani (Kapiolani/Keeamoku)

39 Girls,North Shore needs extra cash offer 39 (keiki pipeline) pic

R & R's Gay old farts matching Catboi's white (ass) christmas! pic

r Kakaako NYE Party of the Year = RipOFF - 23 (honolulu)e:

What a nice dinner & opening presents pic

35 White Christmas! 35 (Mauna Loa)

m. xmas from your favorite idol ((catboi)) pic

What a beautiful Merry Christmas weather today! pic

RE: Christmas is for the LOSER that posted sickshat (DAWORLD)


"A Happy Merry Christmas to ALL the fellow Fags Here!" (Dec. 25, 2014!) pic

here's jt's dad pic

re: Verizon store at Kapiolani (Kapiolani/Keeamok (Scumbag Islands)

Santa Baby... pic

Netflix ad: run scary movies to increase 'family bonding'.

"Merry Christmas to the 97% of Rant & Rave's Faggoteers Here!" ("Rejoice!") pic

RE: r & r's readers request (glamour pics) pic

to be honest .. (first time seeing amy ..) pic

here's cari at the abortion clinic .. pic

Rant & Rave Glamour pics by Reader's Request! pic

23 Kakaako NYE Party of the Year = RipOFF 23 (honolulu)

isss a goo babeh !! pic

"Cari" read this.

here's my impression of cari getting an abortion of a potentially life (-threatening pregno) pic

cari says to Catboi: pic

hey cari wow ur so on track pic

wow this is the luxopap-m of my super far north american alaska summer (full on plumbing) pic

me and amy would have ligers cuz amy is male lion and i am female tige (rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) pic

cari was a 4 to maintain my reputation pic

Gurlz don't forget to get your daily workout done! pic

when my dick is eleven inches i call that the 'cari' pic

re: Verizon Global Rip Off (skanky islands)

welcome to my planet pic

i should name my ass dimple jt pic

43 Re: Weah! I Want! (Wahiawa) 43 (Wah wah wah)

Listen Catboi these are the kind of buttocks that the Rant & Rave Fags (-LOVE!) pic

Re: re re shelves (Maui)

Parents Beware: I am a Spanish major at UHM...Teach at Kaimuki

re: yes, its your privilege to adore me

yes, its your privilege to adore me pic

amy is 2 times two hot like the grinch .. pic

here's my impression of myself getting a boner from amy : pic

catboi we adore u pic

here's my impression of jerry sandusky dropping off 10 year old jt (from football practice) pic

re: work trade, sunshine, moving to Maui blah blah blah (Maui)

25 Janai Sullivan Wall - Please contact me @ about the corporate office. 25 (Foodland)

here's my impression of jt shaving his scrotum pic

Janai Sullivan Wall - Please contact me @ about the corporate office. (Honolulu HI)

I told you Catboi you're out of your league ((JT responds)) pic

hey jt no one can hear u dookie in hyper-sleep pic

jt butters my biscuit

here's my impression of jt's grandpa confronting him about coming out (to his parents)

re: I see that nothing has changed ('Oahu)

re: RE: Ummm you sound angry and maybe frustrated

RE: Ummm you sound angry and maybe frustrated pic

I see that nothing has changed ('Oahu) pic

jt lets get freaky with it on this beautiful Sunday! ((Catboi luvs u)) pic

Weah! I Want! (Wahiawa) pic

Hey can an old fart get in on some of this ass action too? ((depends)) pic

re: my plans this weekend? pic

My plans this weekend? pic

Damn so many hott Ass Pics i don't know which pic to jag-off to

c'mon jt get jiggy wit it pic

An Ass Gallery for all the Dateless Rant & Rave readers! ((Joining the Catboi trend)) pic

hey jt a slug of stuff cum out of my peepee an i name it julius SR pic


jt it's saturday date nite - lover lets do this ((yours, catboi)) pic

catboi u answering your own postings again, repeatedly (looneyville, waikalani)

Catboi aint crazy...but he is a bitch ass flagger pic

here's my impression of julius coming out to his dad as bi pic

jt want some vanilla pic

I Still Adore You pic

Damn Catboi i'm straight but do some squats for your flabby ass! ((R & R's #1 Michelangelo Model)) pic

26 Re:�Re: Hawaiian Kingdom 26 (State of Hawai'i) pic

catboi u gay and get hard time fighting it, GO CD (cross dresser).

re: 'hey jt' - No no no Catboi this is JT and i say: pic

hey jt i like it when u ack likea my fren pic

re: Re: My Weekly Post pic

987 My Weekly Post 987 (chocolate butter)

When Mufi was mayor .. pic

Post Office Skank (Moiliili)

re: C. Hee's brother-wow $92K for massages? ((1750 Kalakaua))

Re: VERIZON. Global Ripoff (!Hawaii )

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