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no, much more like this pic

amy has 15 pieces of flare lol pic

little shit with the rusty Ford Explorer (Sand Island)

here's cari giving julius a hand job pic

no, sex on beach good! pic

pictures funny aha ha ha ha pic

re: My Weekly Post pic

sex a beach i bad !! pic

Re: Beach sex

151 My Weekly Post 151 (off island)

8 My Hero! 8 (little boy's room) pic

re: one last post - re: empty shelves... - 99 (Maui)

Verizon store at Kapiolani (Kapiolani/Keeamoku)

RE: If you are not from Casper, Wy. (midway, tx)

39 Girls,North Shore needs extra cash offer 39 (keiki pipeline) pic

R & R's Gay old farts matching Catboi's white (ass) christmas! pic

r Kakaako NYE Party of the Year = RipOFF - 23 (honolulu)e:

What a nice dinner & opening presents pic

35 White Christmas! 35 (Mauna Loa)

m. xmas from your favorite idol ((catboi)) pic

What a beautiful Merry Christmas weather today! pic

RE: Christmas is for the LOSER that posted sickshat (DAWORLD)


"A Happy Merry Christmas to ALL the fellow Fags Here!" (Dec. 25, 2014!) pic

here's jt's dad pic

re: Verizon store at Kapiolani (Kapiolani/Keeamok (Scumbag Islands)

Santa Baby... pic

Netflix ad: run scary movies to increase 'family bonding'.

"Merry Christmas to the 97% of Rant & Rave's Faggoteers Here!" ("Rejoice!") pic

RE: r & r's readers request (glamour pics) pic

to be honest .. (first time seeing amy ..) pic

here's cari at the abortion clinic .. pic

Rant & Rave Glamour pics by Reader's Request! pic

23 Kakaako NYE Party of the Year = RipOFF 23 (honolulu)

isss a goo babeh !! pic

"Cari" read this.

here's my impression of cari getting an abortion of a potentially life (-threatening pregno) pic

Vann (Kekela Makai)

cari says to Catboi: pic

hey cari wow ur so on track pic

wow this is the luxopap-m of my super far north american alaska summer (full on plumbing) pic

me and amy would have ligers cuz amy is male lion and i am female tige (rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) pic

cari was a 4 to maintain my reputation pic

Gurlz don't forget to get your daily workout done! pic

when my dick is eleven inches i call that the 'cari' pic

re: Verizon Global Rip Off (skanky islands)

welcome to my planet pic

i should name my ass dimple jt pic

43 Re: Weah! I Want! (Wahiawa) 43 (Wah wah wah)

Listen Catboi these are the kind of buttocks that the Rant & Rave Fags (-LOVE!) pic

Re: re re shelves (Maui)

Parents Beware: I am a Spanish major at UHM...Teach at Kaimuki

re: yes, its your privilege to adore me

yes, its your privilege to adore me pic

amy is 2 times two hot like the grinch .. pic

here's my impression of myself getting a boner from amy : pic

catboi we adore u pic

here's my impression of jerry sandusky dropping off 10 year old jt (from football practice) pic

re: work trade, sunshine, moving to Maui blah blah blah (Maui)

25 Janai Sullivan Wall - Please contact me @ about the corporate office. 25 (Foodland)

here's my impression of jt shaving his scrotum pic

Janai Sullivan Wall - Please contact me @ about the corporate office. (Honolulu HI)

I told you Catboi you're out of your league ((JT responds)) pic

hey jt no one can hear u dookie in hyper-sleep pic

jt butters my biscuit

here's my impression of jt's grandpa confronting him about coming out (to his parents)

re: I see that nothing has changed ('Oahu)

re: RE: Ummm you sound angry and maybe frustrated

RE: Ummm you sound angry and maybe frustrated pic

I see that nothing has changed ('Oahu) pic

jt lets get freaky with it on this beautiful Sunday! ((Catboi luvs u)) pic

Weah! I Want! (Wahiawa) pic

Hey can an old fart get in on some of this ass action too? ((depends)) pic

re: my plans this weekend? pic

My plans this weekend? pic

Damn so many hott Ass Pics i don't know which pic to jag-off to

c'mon jt get jiggy wit it pic

An Ass Gallery for all the Dateless Rant & Rave readers! ((Joining the Catboi trend)) pic

hey jt a slug of stuff cum out of my peepee an i name it julius SR pic


jt it's saturday date nite - lover lets do this ((yours, catboi)) pic

catboi u answering your own postings again, repeatedly (looneyville, waikalani)

Catboi aint crazy...but he is a bitch ass flagger pic

here's my impression of julius coming out to his dad as bi pic

jt want some vanilla pic

I Still Adore You pic

Damn Catboi i'm straight but do some squats for your flabby ass! ((R & R's #1 Michelangelo Model)) pic

I Still Love You

45 It's a chain post 45 (HNL)

26 Re:�Re: Hawaiian Kingdom 26 (State of Hawai'i) pic

catboi u gay and get hard time fighting it, GO CD (cross dresser).

re: 'hey jt' - No no no Catboi this is JT and i say: pic

hey jt i like it when u ack likea my fren pic

re: Re: My Weekly Post pic

987 My Weekly Post 987 (chocolate butter)

When Mufi was mayor .. pic

Post Office Skank (Moiliili)

re: C. Hee's brother-wow $92K for massages? ((1750 Kalakaua))

Re: VERIZON. Global Ripoff (!Hawaii )

re: traffic,homeless,crowds,noise,crime,empty shelves - 50 (maui)

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