seeking LGBT-friendly roommate/renter for late Sept/early Oct (Honolulu (on public transit))

My situation's a bit unique, so bear with me - it's kind of a cool story, too, and to know it is to know me better (and if we're going to be living together, I would think that'd be an advantage).

Back in April, in the middle of a cold, bitter and snowy winter living just outside Chicago (was visiting there, with family), I decided that what I needed was a place where I could sort of "heal" myself - physically, spiritually, mentally - from the crap that life sometimes piles up on you. I decided that what I sought was Hawai'i, to get that sense of "aloha" and my spirituality back, and (scary as it was, as I'd never been there) promised myself to give it at least a year of living there, to see how it went.

But money (or lack of it) intervened, and though it hurt like HELL - especially because I had made a couple of (online at least) friends there already, and even had an offer on two places (one of which I could stay for the first month for free, while settling in) ... again, the money just wasn't there, and instead I settled on choice number two (Seattle), figuring if nothing else, I was close and could re-save for the dream of what I really wanted.

Seattle is beautiful, but long/dreary/gray winters are not my thing; I've lived in Phoenix and was in L.A. for 3+ years before going back to the Midwest, and the lack of sun this fall and winter, I know, will hit me hard. I started working temp jobs fairly quickly, once I got here - data entry or call center work, my background, so I can support myself while doing my #1 love (writing) ... and while the first couple of assignments were short-term, over two months ago I landed a great call center gig that was not only longer - but also temp-to-hire.

But the real surprise was yet to come, because while still in training I learned that - if you were hired permanently - they actually PREFERRED agents who worked from home. Now that was cool, saving that transit pass fare every month, being able to work in your pajamas if you wanted to, and having to only go as far as the refrigerator for your lunch break ... but again, the surprises weren't over, and I really wondered whether fate (or whom/whatever) was stepping in when I also learned that there were six states you could live in, and STILL work for the company from home ...

And one of them was Hawai'i.

Needless to say, my mind's been going a mile a minute since - and now, with the campaign we temps were hired for nearly over, it does look like I may be given a permanent offer. And with fall already here in Seattle, I am thinking of an immediate move to Hawai'i once that happens (it would be within the next 2-3 weeks, if not sooner).

The opportunity to arrive in Honolulu WITH a job is incredible, and so I wanted to get on here now and start trying to find a roommate or renter who is gay-friendly, wouldn't mind me setting up my own landline phone in the house, and have a quiet household (not a bunch of barking dogs or loud neighbors), because though I will be working from home I still have to retain the office-like setting over the phone. And YES, I can furnish proof from my company that I would actually be arriving with a job, working for them!

I am a gay male, 52, with a snarky/sarcastic sense of humor (have loved making people laugh since I was a kid). I don't smoke, can't stand to be around even the smell (even weed, sorry), and have never and will never do drugs of any kind. I don't mind social drinking, but don't even think enough of liquor to usually keep so much as a bottle of wine in the house, and am a freelance writer and movie junkie, so am very quiet, low-key, and HUGELY respectful of another person's space, place and things (as I hope for/expect the same).

I wouldn't be bringing much stuff at all, obviously, so don't need a lot of closets or space. Would definitely have to be on a transit route, just to be able to get around of course, and as the move would be fairly quick (once the hire offer is accepted) and I've still been paying rent and such here, anyone who could wave or work with me on a deposit would be hugely appreciated. Anyway, that's some stuff about me.

I've been wanting to write this ad for a couple of weeks now, but haven't had the nerve, wondering how freaking WEIRD is it that this original dream could actually come true in such a great way (I mean seriously, it seems like someone or something IS intervening here). Just seeking a cool person, with that sense of mahalo, to share that good fortune.
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